Snorkelling around Ko Tao is one of the most fun activities I’ve had on the trip to Thailand. The island is well known for scuba diving sites, but also has many opportunities for simpler, more relaxed but still much fun snorkelling trips

The island isn’t very large and most snorkelling tours look like this:

Ko Tao Snorkelling Brochure

Generally they pick you up from your hotel, take you to the boat, provide mask and snorkells. While onboard they provide coffee/tea/water, fruits and a simple lunch. Life jackets are also available, if you need one. You can also rent underwater cameras onboard (which came very handy).

You need to take with you your swimming suit, sunscreen, a beach towel, camera (preferably underwater!) and a hat. Depending on your skin complexion you may prefer to use a t-shirt while in the sea (to avoid getting sunburns).

After some instructions in mask fitting and use (which I didn’t really need since I’ve been snorkelling and freediving since I was a kid) the boat reaches the first site, the so called Shark Bay (named after the small reef sharks you may see there). If you don’t see any, as was my case, there’s not much else to see but it’s a good opportunity to get familiar with masks and snorkel

After Shark Bay, the boat reaches Aow Leuk a bay with clear waters and much better chances for seeing sealife:

The third stop is at Hin Wong Bay, with much also good opportunities and sites. Some people also saw a barracude there:

But the best location I think is the 4th stop, Mango Bay where they also fed the fish and created an underwater commotion:

After Mango Bay, a simple lunch is provided and the boat takes you to Ko Nangyan, a small complex of three islands and three beaches with a stop of around 2hrs. There are several activities there such is climbing to the viewpoint and swimming and snorkelling in the so called Japanese Gardens

After that the boat takes you back to the port and then to your accomodation And you are left full of memories and colours (and hopefully no sunburns ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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