Gaudi’s Stormtroopers


On top of Casa Milla one can see some very peculiar and also familiar chimneys

La Pedrera at night
La Pedrera at night

Casa Mila (also known as La Pedrera) is a modernist architecture monument and the second Gaudi-themed visited attraction in Barcelona. It was build as a modernist appartment block and now is a museum.

After you enter the museum, you can easily visit the roof and on top of it you see some familiar structures

La Pedrera Chimneys
La Pedrera Chimneys

Oh yes – the look a lot like these

Stormtrooper Hellmet
Stormtrooper Hellmet

Rumour has it that George Lucas visited La Pedrera in the 70’s – and was inspired by the very same chimneys to create the now (in)famous and trademark stormtrooper Star Wars helmets.

Mind you, La Pedrera rooftop has also other interesting sights


(photos taken on February 2012)

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