Tower of light … shining in the night


Aaah, the Eiffell tower… Is it the most famous landmark of Paris ?

Oppinions differ, however it is almost universally recognized and a de facto symbol of modern France. There have been countless immitations and despite being threatend to be demolished one or two times, it is now one of the most visited monuments of the world and still the highest observation point in the European Union

Many people believe that the tower is most spectacular at night, especially during the hourly illumination ‘show’. In its current, golden lighting form, this practice started at around 1985 and is believed to have led to a revival of nocturnal illumination of monuments around the world

The view FROM the tower as night falls and during the night is also incredible. Paris is still the city of light and as monuments, bridges and streets begin to light up, the visitor can sit down and enjoy the view

(There are of course those that believe that the view from the nearby Tour Montparnasse – the only scyscraper in Paris – is even better, only because the Eiffell tower itself is in ๐Ÿ™‚ )

(photos taken in 2011 and 2014)

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