The rough road to Bottle Beach

Ko Phangan’s Bottle beach was a paradise when visited last September. But how about getting there ?

Although the island is not so big and most locations are accessible, care must be taken when travelling to the northeastern part. Especially to Bottle Beach, which is very remote and not easy to get there (and of course this adds to the uniqueness)

Thong Sala is the capital and the main port of the island and that’s where most travellers enter Ko Phangan from. But not many stay there as most developement is found on the west and south coast (for example Hat Rin with the famous/notorious full moon parties)

Going to the north is more difficult. The roads are very steep and difficult to climb with scooters . To reach isolated beaches like Bottle Beach you have to go by sea or through very steep dirt road, only passable with 4WD vehicles or endure motorbikes (or maybe MTB bicycles ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Normal scooters and rental cars WILL get stuck, like those shown on the pictures below.

Many travelers prefer to go by longboat, from Ban Chaloaklam which is accessible by paved roads. It is also possible to hike there from Hat Khom in 1.5-2hrs but be prepared for a tough, steep trip.

Whatever the choice, the beach is excellent, one of the best in Thailad. Situated in a bay surrounded by steep forested hills it is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, relaxation and simple watersports such as sea kayak

Bottle Beach
Bottle Beach

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