On The Border

We’ve been heading north for several days. Starting from Bangkok we’ve passed through Sukhothai, Lampang and Chiang Rai. Now the trip reaches Mae Sai, the northernmost town in Thailand – after that there is the border and then Myanmar (Burma)!

The border gate in Mae Sai
The border gate in Mae Sai. The road that starts just at the exit from Bangkok ends here, after running south-north for hundrers of kilometers

Mae Sai is a bustling town, with the only distinction that is the most northertn part of Thailand. Apart from that there is a small market, mostly from Chinese merchandise coming from some 200Km to the north and an interesting hilltop temple with nice views over the border and the surrounding Burmese jungle. Do tourist visit a lot ? Not really, apart for doing a visa run, just to cross the border and have their passport stamped on the Myanmar side. However the Burmese have started charging a ridiculous amount for a simple entry visa, so some people (including my self) do not think it is worth to cross, just to come back and say you’ve been to Myanmar


The northern most of Thailand in Mae Sai
The northern most of Thailand in Mae Sai

Moving along from Mae Sai you should go to the ‘famous’ Golden Triangle (Sop Ruak), the monkey temple at Tham Pla or even better to Chiang Rai


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