Marseille & Provence 2016 Chapter 10 : Goin’ back home

After a whole day and night in Marseille, I had to pack my things and go back home. Unfortunately my time was up at this magnificent city. So the last day was mostly a day of travelling back to Athens, via Rome as before

Although my flight was leaving at noon, I made a point to wake up as early as possible, to watch the sunrise from my hotel room. So I got up around 7.00am, the sun was already up but still I could observe a more peaceful and calm view of the Old Port, before the usual hustle of everyday activities begin

Then I got up, checked out and went for a last breakfast in a nice small cafe near the port. This was my last taste of the city, as then I got to the rental car and drove to the airport

An espresso and some croissant, last breakfast before hurrying to the airoprt

I arrived early in the airport (there was less traffic than I anticipated), delivered the car and proceeded to check-in. I usually prefer to web check-in before I get to the airport, but in this case I could not. The Alitalia website (and the app) informed me it was not possible to do web or mobile check-in for the Marseille airport. So I did it the old style way, over the counter etc etc

The trips from Marseille to Rome and then Rome to Athens were unevenful. A funny coincidence is that the same airplane that flew us from Marseille to Rome would then fly us onwards to Athens. I found that out when I got out in the transfer area in Fiumicino and realised that I had to go back to the same gate to board the same plane for the second part of my journey. Peculiar!

Apart from that nothing big happened. I was too tired anyway and slept most of the time. I didn’t even have airplane lunch, although I guess I did not miss muchย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I arrived in Athens in the afternoon, and it was even hotter than in Marseille (naturally). One last surprise was that my car couldn’t start, it seems the battery died on the 5 days it was parked in the airport. So I had to call the road service to help me jump start the battery and drive home. Thankfully it was just that and not something more serious so I got home without any more trouble!

Back at the airport of Athens. A trip has ended!

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